What work is out there within the Illustration industry

Finding work:

After doing some online research into illustration and companies, which are already in the industry, I noticed that there were a lot of agencies, which offer jobs and freelance work. This would work well with me wanting to get my own company into the illustration industry, as I can go to various sites and agencies to find work which will help me when looking for job opportunities and they could be actively searching for jobs for me, taking some level of stress away. (This is based on just Google searching; more investigation needs to be done.


I found this website online which represents 400 illustrators at the moment and has around 50 links which are all different areas so potential clients can click on the area they want work doing for. This would be great if I can get BurBo Creations on this list with helping me further my career.

After last weeks tutorial with Sam I have been thinking and I feel that getting small jobs doing freelance work and starting to gather a portfolio of work is the correct direction but also keeping Pressac as my main job and other than my Masters degree, High priority. I have also decided that my Tutoring career will come further down the line once I’ve been in the industry for a number of years then I can start looking at venturing into teaching.

My interests and what I want to achieve in my career:


  • Lecturer at university or a guest speaker and workshop, travelling around schools teaching Art in some form. (Not At This Moment In Time)


  • BurBoCreations to be an established company and where I can earn my living.


  • Carry on doing consultancy work for companies and producing animated presentations and Design work.
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