Creative writing student presentation.

In recent weeks, I have been busy building my graphic novel and setting up different wheels in motion. The week of Monday 19th November I approached the head lecturer of creative writing at Staffordshire University to ask if she could put forward any students which would be able to help me in writing my Graphic novel, she suggested that I come in and do a quick presentation to her Level 6 students to see if any of them would want to come on board in creating my graphic novel. To prepare for the presentation I got advice from Daryl Marsh, Stuart Messinger and Laura Watson on how to present my idea and how to best explain it. This helped me with my presentation because I could run ideas through them and they could comment on what I should and shouldn’t add into the presentation.


Once I completed the presentation there was a short discussion with the creative writing students, this was very helpful for me to further explain my vision for my graphic novel and how I see our collaboration going. Shortly after presenting I received my first email with interest in my graphic novel and a synopsis to see there writing style, I really liked the script but what impressed me more was how fast the turn around of the script was and just how well the student understood my graphic novel and she seems to understand the creative process and the fast turn arounds that will be required, I have set up a meeting with her on Monday 4th December 2016 to go through my ideas in full and to set out her role within the team. I received another email for another student which he sent an example of his writing style and his interest in comics he already has. I will be meeting him on Friday 8th December 2016 to go through the graphic novel as he wasn’t able to attend the presentation.

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