Wandering Brian – A dyslexia friendly comic book

Wandering Brian is about a young teenager called Brian that suffers from dyslexia himself, it is set in 2180 but two worlds have collided with earth creating a super planet that consists of three planets orbiting the sun. With creatures, exciting characters, real-life situations and twists and turns along the way Wandering Brian is guaranteed to be an exciting read. Wandering Brian offers students who struggle with dyslexia the option to read material of their age group and of their reading ability without being patronising. There will be elements implemented to help the dyslexic readers improve their reading skills. I chose the Name Wandering Brian for the comic book because being dyslexic myself my brain always wanders off when in lessons and I also get letters mixed up so if you swap the ‘I’ and the ‘A’ around you get brain.