The startings of Wandering Brian


After searching the internet of alternative ways to tell a story other than animation i was inspired by comic books.

Comic book artist?


Wondering Brian – Originally conceived in my undergraduate course, Wandering Brian is a play on words for people like myself who struggle with dyslexia. NOW the idea has developed and a new avenue may have opened for me. Doing my research into illustration what kept coming up was ‘I like to tell my story through my images’. And with the popularity of comics for young children growing this platform just seems to fit with me.


Wondering Brian – For people who suffer with dyslexia we have our own way of reading and writing, for most of us this comes out in drawings, my idea is Wondering Brian = Wondering brain, dyslexic people mix there letters up all the time and when being taught there brains can wonder off to different things. So wondering Brian is the play on words.


So this idea will be a Comic book with easy Reading and if not appropriate then there will just be a visual story. This will be the product I produce for my masters degree and hopefully I can get this published.


The concept of this comic book with be educational, both fun eye catching Dyslexia friendly and will educate the reader, “Brian” will go on adventures and these could be English, Math, science, history etc. I don’t want this to feel childish I want this to appeal to 10-16 year olds, I will do this by Brian being a typical teenager, so the story wont be this is 2+2=4 it will be more