The Power of Graphic Novels and Comics! ( Networking event at Lancaster University)

Today I went to a networking event held by Reopen, The two speakers, Natasa Lacković and Charlie Adlard went through the importance of comic books and how they offer a “fascinating array of literary and drawing genres and styles”. There is now the chance to explore the potential of comic books in education and from today’s first meeting I’m looking forward to working with them to explore all the potentials yet to be discovered.

The Power of Graphic Novels and Comics! Was a great event to attend and the short presentation was very insightful seeing both Charlies and Natasa views and approaches to comic books and Graphic Novels. I am looking forward to the next networking event and to help where I can and be apart of this journey.

I was also able to meet new people and talk about Wandering Brian, for the first time I was able to show people outside of my own network what I have been working on, this was a major confidence boost and also a great way of getting Wandering Brian recognised.

To find out more you can visit ReOPENS webpage:  http//