My reflection on if graphic design and filmmaking can form one company

Reflection on the report- Graphic Design and the Cinema: An Application of Graphic Design to the Art of Filmmaking by Kacey B. Holifield.


This report looks at the effect graphic design has on filmmaking and how they compliment each other. This paper starts off by exploring and discussing other art forms, which have progressed into the art of filmmaking. It discusses how new ideas are developed from old ones and how new artists are building on these ideas. It discusses the impact that technology has had one the approaches of art and this in turn has enabled graphic design and film making to come to fruition.


I have chosen this particular report because of the area it is exploring, I have recently set up my own company and have started to do graphic design and animations for presentations. This new start and area of practice to work in has made me consider there might be more opportunities than I originally thought to explore. My Main aim is to create a successful business, which can be self sustained and is my main source of income. Now I have graduated from my degree in animation I believe this article fits my background within art and my future goals, studying the modern art form of filmmaking but also my artistic influences I believe this goal is achievable.


In this report one of the quotes stood out above the rest with relation to my work, A graphic designer turned filmmaker called mike mills says ‘I see no leap between the different media; they are just different formats in which I try to communicate with people’. With this quote its becoming clear that the transition into this line of work will be smooth and both art forms will compliment each other within my work, so I can still do my graphic design work but also seamlessly move into film production for live action and animation and the shift of jobs wont be to great of a distraction from the other.


In the last year of my degree I decided to learn more about color and was lucky enough to know someone in my family that is an art teacher and knows a lot about color, I Skyped with her over a few months and gained a better understanding of color and how it all works. In this article one of the main areas she is focusing on is color to determine whether or not to correlations between graphic design and filmmaking exists, after reading through the paper and her breakdowns of each film she has analyzed its clear that color plays a key role in the transferable skills and the means to tell a story, be it in a single motionless image or a moving sequence on the big screen. She is able to get her point across about color by providing visual references to what she is explaining where you can see the similarities and the compatibility.


The paper also reports on the use of composition within films, as composition is heavily used in graphic design to position images in the correct way and tell the story you would like, this transition from still images to filmmaking seems seamless as both require a story to be told and composition will help enhance that. This paper looked at multiple films and the use of composition, with all of them using this technique this further strengthens my ability to switch between the two.

This is the conclusion of this paper:


“Filmmaking is heavily dependent on structural practices commonly found in graphic design. The analyses of the 2015 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture reveal that filmmaking and graphic design are thoroughly connected at the base of every arts education, even though both mediums operate within a different set of technical skills. Once research was finalized, it was easy to understand how successful each of the 2015 Oscar Nominees were depending on their attention to design principles”.


I found this paper very helpful and informative with the path in which I want to explore, merging both of my artistic backgrounds into a seamless business plan seems achievable

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