• The startings of Wandering Brian

      After searching the internet of alternative ways to tell a story other than animation i was inspired by comic books. Comic book artist?   Wondering Brian – Originally conceived in my undergraduate course, Wandering Brian is a play on words for people like myself who struggle with dyslexia. NOW the idea has developed and […]

  • The development of my proposal

    For the past couple of months i have been writing my proposal and gathering all the necessary information i require to have a well rounded look at the comic book i wish to develop, or so i thought… When i started my idea generating i was first looking at trying to incorporate my personal work […]

  • What I’ve been reading

    Recently i have been reading more about comics and graphic novels trying to find the origins of both forms and where the two of them met and how the birth of the graphic novel has effected the comic book industry. I have found numerous sites with information but the most information and most helpful information […]

  • A productive day

    Today I met with Carina who is one of the writers for my graphic novel and we went through ideas and how the story would be told. The story I feel now has a good structure to it and a nice starting point for us to work from now and extend on. Weve discussed characters […]

  • Creative writing student presentation.

    In recent weeks, I have been busy building my graphic novel and setting up different wheels in motion. The week of Monday 19th November I approached the head lecturer of creative writing at Staffordshire University to ask if she could put forward any students which would be able to help me in writing my Graphic […]

  • Structuring and designing my graphic novel.

    Now my primary and secondary research into dyslexia friendly comics is underway I realized I need to understand structuring a comic book properly and instead of assuming I know everything ive decided to look as if a beginner and start from there, in my search I found a very useful web page which the link […]

  • Life Drawing

    Life Drawing Lectures. The past couple of months I have been assisting in life drawing classes with lecturers at Staffordshire University, I have been able to go to these sessions and help out and in recent weeks teach part of the session. This has been a great way to firstly establish if I could become […]

  • Introducing graphic novels into schools

    Graphic novels as educational heavyweights by jonathan seyfried [email protected]   This article can be found at this link:   The study took place at Brandies Hillel day school in America and it was middle school students around 12 years old.   In the opening paragraph jonathan states ‘ trying to impart the joy […]

  • Choosing the right font for my comic book.

    When choosing a font these are the tips I have found from a study preformed by Josh Johnson on May 2, 2016 in Design Trends.   These sites have some solid advice for anyone looking to choose a font that makes their copy easier to read for dyslexic viewers: Sans-serif fonts are preferred Clear letter […]