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Life Drawing Lectures.

The past couple of months I have been assisting in life drawing classes with lecturers at Staffordshire University, I have been able to go to these sessions and help out and in recent weeks teach part of the session. This has been a great way to firstly establish if I could become a lecturer and also to gain experience as a lecturer with the help and guidance of the staff.


My journey so far..


When I first started helping out Laura Weston in life drawing I was nervous and lacked the confidence to talk to the students and help them with there techniques and drawings, I had this voice in the back of my head saying ‘ what happens if they are better than me?’ I soon realized that students can be better than you in certain areas and that’s fine! After a few discussions with Laura, Jason and john (two more lecturers I’m assisting) I understood that even if the students where capable of producing drawings which I believed was far better than what I could produce, I still had knowledge and techniques to offer them to help them to improve and now its as much about what the students can teach me as it is what I can teach them.


Now going into my third month of assisting my confidence has grown and with it I’m starting to develop my own style of teaching. I now lecture alongside Laura Weston, Jason Brindley and John Charles on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. My role varies depending on the direction of the lecture, Sometimes I have the opportunity to lead the lecture and set my own tasks and then other times ill assist with helping students once Laura, Jason or John have set the task.


After this weeks lecture Jason and I had a chat about how things where going I got a lot of positive feedback and something’s I need to work on, the main point raised was how long I was spending with each student, I was struggling to get around to every student and help because of how long I was helping another student. So this is something to keep in mind and improve upon within all sessions.

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