• What work is out there within the Illustration industry

    Finding work: After doing some online research into illustration and companies, which are already in the industry, I noticed that there were a lot of agencies, which offer jobs and freelance work. This would work well with me wanting to get my own company into the illustration industry, as I can go to various sites […]

  • Taking BurBo Creations into Illustration.

    Job roles within this area include:   Animator – Pressac Graphic designer – Pressac Illustrator – Want to do more/ find a company to gain experience from. Multimedia programmer Printmaker Production designer, theatre/television/film – Flower and the girl Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Advertising account executive – Pressac Arts administrator – I […]

  • My reflection on if graphic design and filmmaking can form one company

    Reflection on the report- Graphic Design and the Cinema: An Application of Graphic Design to the Art of Filmmaking by Kacey B. Holifield.   This report looks at the effect graphic design has on filmmaking and how they compliment each other. This paper starts off by exploring and discussing other art forms, which have progressed […]