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  • Structuring and designing my graphic novel.

    Now my primary and secondary research into dyslexia friendly comics is underway I realized I need to understand structuring a comic book properly and instead of assuming I know everything ive decided to look as if a beginner and start from there, in my search I found a very useful web page which the link […]

  • Life Drawing

    Life Drawing Lectures. The past couple of months I have been assisting in life drawing classes with lecturers at Staffordshire University, I have been able to go to these sessions and help out and in recent weeks teach part of the session. This has been a great way to firstly establish if I could become […]

  • Introducing graphic novels into schools

    Graphic novels as educational heavyweights by jonathan seyfried [email protected]   This article can be found at this link:   The study took place at Brandies Hillel day school in America and it was middle school students around 12 years old.   In the opening paragraph jonathan states ‘ trying to impart the joy […]

  • Choosing the right font for my comic book.

    When choosing a font these are the tips I have found from a study preformed by Josh Johnson on May 2, 2016 in Design Trends.   These sites have some solid advice for anyone looking to choose a font that makes their copy easier to read for dyslexic viewers: Sans-serif fonts are preferred Clear letter […]

  • What work is out there within the Illustration industry

    Finding work: After doing some online research into illustration and companies, which are already in the industry, I noticed that there were a lot of agencies, which offer jobs and freelance work. This would work well with me wanting to get my own company into the illustration industry, as I can go to various sites […]

  • Taking BurBo Creations into Illustration.

    Job roles within this area include:   Animator – Pressac Graphic designer – Pressac Illustrator – Want to do more/ find a company to gain experience from. Multimedia programmer Printmaker Production designer, theatre/television/film – Flower and the girl Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Advertising account executive – Pressac Arts administrator – I […]