A productive day

Today I met with Carina who is one of the writers for my graphic novel and we went through ideas and how the story would be told. The story I feel now has a good structure to it and a nice starting point for us to work from now and extend on. Weve discussed characters and have decided on some other characters to be added. I am now going to get on with drawing some concepts for these characters so the writers can visualise them and hopefully this will assist them in telling my story.


I have a meeting set up with another writer on Friday which myself and carina will be going to, the plan is for the three of us to go through what myself and carina have discussed and then have the input of the other writer, very exciting times and the graphic novel is moving along nicely.


Also, some very exciting news from today, I went to speak to Dyslexia association of Staffordshire and told them about my plans and my graphic novel, they are very excited about the graphic novel and have expressed interest in backing it. I have now got there details and once I have a first draft of the story myself and the writers will be going in to see them and go through the script. They have also agreed to help with advice on the correct lettering and words to use and the structure of these stories as well as general advice on what will be best for the dyslexic comic readers.


My next plan is to continue my research and put together another questionnaire, this time for dyslexic students to fill out on what they would like to see in the graphic novel. I am also going to develop the title for my graphic novel and ones I will be able to share more details with you.

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